Giving Back Sale

Our annual Giving Back Sale offers 10% OFF on all sales from our website on December 1, 2020. 

In addition to the 10% discount on all sales, we will DONATE an additional 10% of ALL SALES to the family of Doña Olga Ruíz of Imuris, Sonora. Doña Olga passed away at the age of 76 due to a neurodegenerative disease in June, 2020. 

She left behind 8 children and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Two of her adult children are unable to provide for themselves due to injury or incapacity. As Doña Olga worked hard to provide for them, she would rest in peace knowing that her children are looked after as she is now unable.



Doña Olga was a one-of-a-kind herbalist and desert forager who knew the vast terrain of the Sonoran desert as well as any living human of the past century. Her knowledge of medicinal plants was unparalleled. 


Doña Olga gathering cholla cactus buds


As a folk herbalist of the Sonoran desert, Doña Olga was unsurpassed in her knowledge of the great breadth of healing substances (animal, vegetable, mineral) across her entire homeland. As a semi-nomadic forager, herbalist, and real-deal “survivalist” she lived the life that many, in today’s modern society, seek to eek out of the constraints of this world. In her view, they were free, despite their poverty, because they lived close to the Earth and were dictated to by no one other than the Creator and Provider themselves.


Additionally, if you would like to contribute a fund to support her family please, CLICK HERE. No contribution is too small.